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Cleansing Lotion - Eyes, Muzzle and Ears of Dogs and Cats

Cleansing Lotion - Eyes, Muzzle and Ears of Dogs and Cats

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Cleansing Lotion for Eyes, Nose and Ears for Dogs and Cats by Nellumbo is a natural and vegan product, ideal for taking care of four-legged friends. Made in Brittany, this cleansing lotion is an innovative formula that combines the virtues of plants and those of seawater for gentle daily cleansing.

The cornflower and chamomile hydrosols it contains have soothing properties and reduce inflammation. The high concentration of minerals and trace elements in seawater helps restore the skin's natural balance. With fully recyclable PET packaging and a bamboo cap, this cleansing lotion is environmentally friendly.

Suitable for dogs and cats, this cleansing lotion has been designed and formulated by experts in aromatherapy and veterinary medicine, as well as Nellumbo's research and development engineer. Opt for environmentally friendly cleaning with Nellumbo.

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